Fordham Hockey Now Nationally Ranked
By Drew Mola / Fordham Hockey Online

Oct 29, 2005 -- Joining the ACHA this past September has reaped immediate benefits for the team as their hard work has recognized as this past Friday as Fordham University was ranked 10th in the Atlantic region of the ACHA Division 3.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the (ACHA) American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) began as a men's collegiate club hockey league in 1992, and quickly grew to a league of over 150 teams in three men's divisions. The Women's Division was added in 2000, and currently boasts four divisions with over 300 teams from across the nation. Divisions are usually based on school size however over this past summer the MCHC approached the ACHA about waving the student population issue to guarantee entrance in the Division 3 level. An accord was met and now Fordham as well as a predominant numbers of other MCHC teams joined in the newly formed Atlantic conference this year. So now, not only is a league game important, it is now, in most instances consider an ACHA game as well and take on an even greater impact.

The ACHA ranking committee gathers information on the various teams from the four regions Atlantic - North - South - Pacific. Each region is ranked on a monthly basis with the top four ranked teams in each region at the end of February, meeting to play for a national championship. This season the championships will be held in Fort Myers Florida March 1-4.

Click here to view the ACHA rankings as of 10-26-2005.

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